The Regional Committee currently has these positions to fill. If you want to forward a name, please do so here to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or at the next advertised Regional Meeting.

- Regional Director: our long-standing RD ends her term at end March 2019. Candidates are thus being sought for this comprehensive role, covering oversight of activities such as the Regional festival, scrutiny and approval of requests from client Branches in the Region and of their finances, liaison with CAMRA (national) Branches Committee and with the Region's branches at bi-monthly meetings, usually as Chair, and at Branch AGMs, and to manage appointments of other senior Regional Committee roles; the aim being to ensure all Branches act in accordance with policy and are represented "up the chain" to the Branches Committee and NE. As such it requires a candidate happy to travel across Kent and communicate in diverse fields (and pubs). This is also a senior role in coordinating the Region's Good Beer Guide allocations.

- Regional Secretary: we are also looking for candidates to this key post supporting the RD for sundry administrative functions. The Secretary collates the reporting to the Regional Meeting across a range of topics including Breweries, Branch local news about pubs etc, meeting schedules.

- Regional Finance Officer: a Finance Officer is sought to assist (by agreement as to demarcation of responsibilities with the RD), in interpreting and communicating CAMRA's Financial policies and practices to Branch and Beer Festival Treasurers, determining what level of approval is due for funds requests from them, receiving completed end-of year statements and accounts, returning surpluses to HQ and monitoring Branches' good financial practice. This role is effectively a deputy to the Directors and will involve communication with the Finance & General Purposes Committee.

- Regional Treasurer: a Treasurer is also being sought to manage the Region's own account, in conjunction with the officers above.